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Canopy Tour Information

Lush, Tropical Rainforest Excursion

What is a canopy tour?

A canopy tour is a unique eco-adventure tour that takes you flying through the air, utilizing a series of cables and platforms that are strung from tree top to tree top. The force of gravity allows riders to zip down the course while wearing a waist harness, helmet, leather gloves and 2 specialized pulleys attached to the cable.

Every guest is accompanied by at least two professional guides, who send and receive them at each canopy station. The canopy tour allows the rider to relax and enjoy the views while controlling their own speed down the lines.

The duration of a canopy tour is between 45 minutes - 1 hour. There are 13 stations and 11 ziplines along the 1.8 km length of the canopy.

Will I see wildlife?

It depends on the wildlife and on the observer, but there are countless species of flora and fauna along the way – including Roatan's famous black iguanas!

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