Zipline Adventures

Safety Information

Roatan's Safest Zipline Canopy Tour

At Clip'N'Zip, your safety is our number one priority. Everyone of our staff members has received over 200 hours of training in canopy tour operations and safety techniques. Our guides are highly qualified and are there for your constant care and supervision while on tour.

We pride ourselves in being the safest canopy in all of Honduras and we use the most state-of-the-art US-certified equipment available today.

  • Our canopy consists of not just one or two, but three (1 safety line and 2 traveling lines) 3/8" 7x19 Korean-made galvanized cables with an MBS (minimum breaking strength) of 14,400 lbs.
  • Each receiving platform has an emergency braking system which is deployed before every arrival to that platform, so no matter how fast you're coming or even if you don't brake, your pulley will hit the block and bring you to a stop.
  • Each receiving platform also has a high impact bouldering pad which should never be used but is there for our convenience.
  • Every zip line is designed to brake the speed at the end of each to help avoid any serious accidents.

In spite of all that we do to ensure your safety, an accident in an activity such as this one can still occur. During your tour participants may receive minor injuries, muscle strains, cuts and bruises or insect bites. All guests are must sign an acknowledgement waiver of risk before participating and we reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone for safety reasons.

This equipment and lines are inspected 2 times a day by our maintenance inspector to guarantee your safety. Find out more about some of the safety equipment used by Clip'N'Zip.


Unfortunately we do not allow pregnant women to participate in this tour for safety reasons.

Afraid of Heights?

Fear of heights is normal for some participants, but by the time you're finished you'll be happy to have experienced it. As you start your tour, the lines are short and low to the ground to help build the momentum, and as you get further along into the tour the lines get longer and higher.

Our guides are specially trained to help you both physically and emotionally. All you have to do is take that first step and we will guide you for the remainder of the tour.

We have a 'taxi' option available where the guide attaches you to him and he brings you for the remainder of the tour — all you have to do is hold on and he even brakes for you.


Minimum "Mental" Requirements to Participate in the Tour:

  • Desire to experience the wonders of the forest.
  • Courage and faith to trust the equipment and guides.
  • Ability to understand directions and follow safety rules.

Physical Requirements

Clip'N'Zip Canopy Zipline tours involves a moderate level of physical activity. For safety reasons, we require that all participants be 3+ years of age, and prepared for a moderate level of activity.

Minimum Physical Requirements to Participate in the Tour:

  • Ability to walk 650 feet uphill.
  • Must fit in the harness and helmet in a safe manner as determined by the Senior Guide. This is a function of body shape and size, not weight. If you have concerns around this issue contact the office prior to booking the Tour.
  • The maximum weight limit is 275 lbs (124Kg)
  • The minimum height for participants is 4 ft. (1.20 m) tall.

Weather Conditions

Canopy Adventure operates in all weather conditions except when there is heavy rain, or lightning overhead.