Zipline Adventures

Safety Equipment

Roatan Zipline Tour Safety

Kilonewton (kN) is a measure of force. On Earth's surface, a force of 1 kN of gravity would be exerted on something that weighs approximately 224.8 pounds (lbs). kN * 224.8 = lbs

Omega Steel Carabiner Omega steel 7/16" mod D quick lock
3 carabiners are used in conjunction with other course equipment to secure participants while on tour.
Strength: 53 kn or 11,914 lbs.

CMI Runners 1x15" connected to your harness and 2 pulleys.
CMI Runners 1X42" Safety runners are clipped on the cable while on the zip course at all times. Tensile breaking Strength:25 kn or 6000lbs.

Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet
Helmets are designed to protect the head and to serve as a barrier from bumps or abrasions.

Rock Empire Cosmic Harness
Universal, lightweight, compact harness. Color-coded belay loop and tie-in. Droppable leg loops. One size fits all. Belay loop tested to 40 kN or 9,000 lbs, CE certified.

Chest harness with the best rope-fitting field. Used in conjunction with the seat harness the chest harnesses keeps you upright while on the cable. 22.3 kn or 5000lbs tensile breaking strength.

Apache Child's
Child's adjustable full-body harness, designed for kids up to 40kg (88 lbs). 6,000 lbs (27kn) tensile breaking strength.

Petzl Trac Double Pulleys
The main device that allows the participant to traverse from platform to platform on the cable. Trac Pulley has 20 kN or 4,500 lb (20kN) tensile breaking strength.

Petzl Tandem Speed Pulleys
The secondary device that allows the participant to traverse from platform to platform on the cables. Tandem Speed Pulley has 5,395 lb (24kN) tensile breaking strength.

Industrial gloves
These gloves are provided for safety and braking on the cables.

Safety Block
The Zip Line Brake Block is mounted on the 3/8" cable toward the end of every zip line; approx 25-40' away from the cable termination.